Sunday, December 13, 2009

'LUCK' Does it ever exist...!

Guys this is my first article on this blog...!

I have often seen people blaming their incapability by a hypothetical entity,in this universe, called 'LUCK'. I have often seen many of my friends blaming their luck.
    Once when I was going through examintaions in second year, one of my room-mate was asked to write a program in Assembly Language which was too simple and the other room-mate was caught in trouble coz he was asked to write a program to simulate a copy command of DOS in ASM, which was quite difficult for us at that stage.

      The second room-mate somehow managed to write a copy command simulation program, but the first just could managed to do anything in the exam and had to face the consequences later on.

   Here the first roomy kept on blaming  his LUCK....While the second kept mum and was enjoying.

Personally I dont believ in luck and here I just want to notify you that LUCK never exists. All a person gets is due to his abilities, deeds and the main thing is his POTENTIAL.

     'POTENTIAL' matters the most in this world. When we read or learn something our potential is raised,      though little. I can define potential as 'ability of a person to do a certain thing' e.g. pass an exam, answer a difficult question etc.

     Thus the second room-mate had a little more potential than the first one and this was the only reason why he could manage to write a program that was a bit harder than that of the first one.
Obviously, Potential of a person goes hand in hand with the Briallance of a person. But a slow learner (like me) can raise his potential just by practice or by learning, reading a certain thing he wants to master etc.

      Once my friend could not just pass an aptitude test taken by INFOSYS, there he began groaning...!
     "Yaar mai to pass ho gaya hota, par aaj mera luck hi nahi chala.".
      Instead of saying this he should have thought that was he really well prepared for the test or he should have prepared a little more for the test.

Always remember "Success and  Failure are only the choices that we make through our won DEEDS".

So guys next time onwards whenever you fail just think twice before blaming 'LUCK'. Such a thing is merely imaginary. All what we get is the outcome of our efforts and dedication to your work.


  1. bhari ahe rao....keep it up....but 1 problm is there ....that i don't have technical knowledge....?

  2. @jay...Nice to c ur blog!!..All the best!!

  3. Well written jaydeep...!!!



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