Friday, February 26, 2010

Arrival of my new DELL Inspiron 1440

Its been just few weeks when I got my first Laptop..Precisely this 14th .... yeah the Valentines Day

Its Dell Inspiron 1440. The laptop is quite good. But one major shortcoming is that it has only 1 LED on the front panel, That only LED indicates battery chargin, processing, power and all this. But the laptop is OK.

Another major issue I wanted to discuss is that I have faced  the driver probelm too much since windows XP is being treated as outdated by DELL. the only drivers available at the Dell Support were for the Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Finding the common drivers was pretty easy, but it really took great tolls upon me to find out the Wi-fi driver for my Inspiron 1440. So here I am posting a link that I found somewhere on the net, was useful  for me.

Thank You ...!

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