Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Securing Passwords

Hi ya all,
I am once again here to chatter about something that I know. Many of you guys must be wondering if your accounts are safe with your given passwords.
Can anyone open up your account, may or may not be financial, may be LinkedIn , may be FACEBOOK...?
What do u think?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blender- An open sorce alternative for animation and game development

Recently there was a workshop conducted in my college(P.I.C.T) by 3 students namely Kapil, Bhanu and Nitin from IIT, Bombay to teach the features and the extraordinary functionality of BLENDER. Blender is an open source software which is incredibly very powerful. You can create interactive 3D games and beautiful 3D animation in blender.

The power of blender surely resides above the abilities of Flash as well. I cannot comment about Maya and 3DMax because I have never been the user of these development tools.

                       The primary virtue of blender that makes it so useful is that it provides you with as many views of an object/s as you wish. It creates different frames in the main window which can be used by the developer to entitle them as front view, top view, side view, camera view. The changes made to the object in one view are respectively reflected in all the other views.
Blender runs Python scripts at the background. So if you intend to get your hands up on blender, its preferable to have python installed on your computer. Even if you dont have any python installation on your computer, blender runs smoothly but it cannot guarantee running all the inbuilt scripts properly.
Blender Download Page
Python Download Page

Few examples  of the animations developed using Blender :
Project London


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