Friday, October 1, 2010

Is 'MONEY' all that IT has to offer...?

Hello folks it has been really long time ever after I had my last post on this blog. So here I am once again to present my views regarding what all Information Technology Industry has to offer to you. The views that I have expressed below is just my personal belief, you may have somewhat different belief than this.

     For fellows from non-IT profession I must foretell that when you are hired by any software firm, you are working on the probation(temporary) basis for about 3-6 months. During this term your salary is also minimal. Later depending on your performance your are chosen to be a permanent employee of the company.

     When your position is made permanent in the company, your are also offered with higher salary. When someone is offered such higher salary I have seen that there is a glimpse of smile with happiness hidden in it. But if I were at his place,I would really question myself :

1. Do I really deserve what I am being offered.
2. How much development did I go through in a particular period of time as I am accepting this offer now.

      I mean, I really feel like money is NOT the only thing that a person can achieve by being an Engineer, Developer, Researcher in an IT Industry. There are far more important things like 'Knowledge', 'Information', 'Skill' etc that can be achieved if one is determined to do so and in order to do so, one has to keep learning, reading & implementing what he has learned or read earlier in his life. Refer to Abhishek Desai's Blog for more on self development.

 Always bear in mind that 'A knowledgeable person is always appreciated where ever he is' and hence they say 'Knowledge is Power'.

  So I think I shall conclude. I already have stated above and I am again restating it in conclusion.
"What I have said above are just my personal belief which, by NO WAY I want to impose on anyone, your own believes might be different and I shall have no objection with them".

Thanks for visiting.
Good Bye.


  1. I agree that "Knowledge is Power" but according to society "You are not Powerful unless you have Money". So according to me both are inter-related.

  2. Yeah...!

    there are examples...I have seen...I can elaborate when we have a personal chat...


  3. hey, great post. the two questions that you posed are not easy to answer. For a student like me, blogs like your's are of great help! i am glad someone dropped your link at my blog



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