Friday, October 29, 2010

Simple way to configure MySql Connector/J on Windows

Hello IT fellows, I think I am finding more time these days to post onto this blog. This is my third post on this blog in the same month.

So lets go on with out tech tweak (KIDA)for today. I recently have joined Advanced Java Coaching just because I love Java unlike any other language. Anyways we will have a separate post on this blog to see why am I so verbose of Java & always keep on talking so much about Java.

     I was just playing around to connect MS Access with Java. I could do it easily coz the windows OS inherently provides drivers for connection with Microsoft products. Then I thought of taking the program different way by connecting it to MySql. I found that there was no Driver available with my OS to connect Java with MySQL. So I downloaded it from here . Unzip the rar file and look for some .jar file in unzipped directory. Now you have to set Enviornment variable

CLASSPATH=something that already exists;.;path_to_this_jar_file;

Now your Java program is able to find the driver for MySql. This worked fine for me on Windows 7.
Credits to Aniket Zamwar's Blog

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