Sunday, October 24, 2010

What exactly is a web server | Server concept explained

OMG this is my second post in one day. This is funny for me myself. If you scroll down and just take a look at the frequency of my blogging you will realize it why. OK anyway lets get back to our technical JUGAAD(hack).

    It is not even a week passed when I was sitting with my friends and someone asked in the discussion 'Hey what exactly is a server?'. The question not only lit a flash in my mind but also a flashback. The flash relates to the question which was technical delight for me and flashback relates to my days of Engineering when I was just a novice guy in Computer Science.

    It was then, when sometimes I used to think what a server is. Many people came and told me that it is a computer or machine to which Client sends a request and the machine responds, sends webpages, files etc. But this was what a server does, this was not what I wanted. Anyway I already knew these things I needed some practical answer. There was no one who came upfront and told me what really a web server is until I realized it through my own experience.

     I agree a server is the one which responds to clients requests, maintains sessions & blah blah. If tomorrow some childlike Computer student comes to me and asks me what really a web server is, I am gonna tell him that "A web server is a simple computer with a special server software running on it. It has one directory called 'public directory'. When the client request file/s, the public directory is searched for and the file is delivered from it."

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