Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Micromax launched least expensive Android mobile in INDIA

Hello mobile monstors, I am back again with some great news for all you people...!

   Being watchful on the wars between the IT Giants like Google, Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Motorola etc. for taking their Mobile Operating Systems up at the pinnacle, today I came across a great news when I fired up my Reader with the morning tea. INDIA based Mobile Manufacturer 'Micromax Informatics Ltd.' has recently launched the cheapest  Android OS based mobile device in India. The device named as 'Andro A60' is absolutely INEXPENSIVE, full touch screen mobile device with the latest version of the Android 2.1 (Codename Eclair). The information regarding shipping out of India has not been confirmed yet.

   I have enlisted the OUTSTANDING features of the mobile device along with their comparison with the devices of the mobile tycoons in the current market, rest of the features are commonly available in all costly mobiles.

1. Price : Rs. 6990 which is less than $180.
   The price is too low as compared to the recent Android mobile devices available in the market. Read the features below and then only compare the devices.
2. Processor : 600 Mhz.
   Compared to Nokia and Motorola, only the devices with price atleast Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 20,000 come with processors with 600 Mhz clock speed.
3. Internal Memory : 150MB.
4. Memory Card : 2GB  at purchase time.
Nokia's mobile with price more than Rs. 12000 (approx. $255) comes with the 2GB memory card. So conclusively this is more affordable than that.
5. Memory Card expandable upto :32GB.
   This is much more than my Nokia C6 too. It supports memory card maximum upto 16GB.
6. Video Streaming. : YES.
    I guess this is a video streaming in the browser which will facilitate watching videos on the mobile devices. If my guessing is correct, it will be a victory over many other mobile devices like Micromax Q7, Samsung Corby which do not stream a video from Youtube.
7. Stand-by time  : 10 days
     This is something I have read on the Micromax website, but after all this also depends under the situations in which the mobile device is kept.
8. SWYPE : SWYPE is a touch screen gesture recognition technology. It was first available in Samsung Omnia II which was a Windows OS mobile. For more information on SWYPE click here
9. Voice Assisted GPS : The device comes with the GPS system which is enabled by voice assistance while navigating using GPS.
10 Camera : 3.2 Megapixel
   This is really ridiculous. I havent seen a mobile device of price Rs. 6999 with 3.2MP camera. I suspect the quality of the images though.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My new Nokia C6 hardware-software review | Nokia C6 hands on

Hi there mobile freaks. On the eve of 'Diwali' (A festival of lights in INDIA), I recently bought brand new NOKIA C6 handset. I hand been eying the Nokia's coming mobile devices. Nokia recently launched E5, C6, C7 and many other devices.

    Out of these available ones and recently launched ones E5, C6 & E71 were some of the devices which allured me. I carried out a deep research and then decided to go for C6 coz my priorities were a QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm jack.

 Some of the features in this device are really outstanding and some of them have been degraded by Nokia. Click here to check Nokia C6 specifications .So I just thought, I shall come up and make a post here for all my dear mobile freak friends to let them know about Nokia C6.

QWERTY Key-board : The 4 row key-board is really user comfortable and easily accessible.It was really great to know that C6 comes with a 5-way Navigation key as shown here. It is extremely useful and makes using the key-pad an additive pleasure. A special key 'Sym' has been given for 'special symbols'. Usually Nokia Symbains have a button with a 'pencil' button on it. This button was used to mark,cut,copy, paste the text. Though C6 has no such button, the 'Shift' can be used for the same. One of my friends having 3 row QWERTY Key-board Nokia N900 says C6's QWERTY is more comfortable. :-)

On-Screen Keyboard : Lately I have discovered that there is an on-screen keyboard also available in Nokia C6. Earlier I used to open up QWERTY keyboard every time I had to type a particular thing even for searching a contact or setting up the alarm, but now it seems to be more comfortable with the key-board shown in the adjoining figure. The one that appears on the device is much more better that the one shown here. There is one more feature I liked in the device, that is 'Handwriting'. Handwriting allows you to write on the screen with you finger and the intelligent interpreter inside the mobile recognizes what the text you have written might be.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are Mobile Devices the future of 'Computing'...?

     Hello folks, today I just found some more time to stumble the Internet when I came across some great technical post which was related to Oracle suing Google for using some Java code used in its Android OS development.

     I just found some great pic (or logically speaking 'a directed graph') of companies filing lawsuits against each other & on one another. I was stunned to see that is this something that always happens with the companies. One more thing I pondered about was Are these companies competing each other coz Mobile Device Computing is tomorrow's Computing Era and I believe it is.

Take a look at the picture, the strongest player,while talking about Operating System, being at the center of the picture.


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