Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My new Nokia C6 hardware-software review | Nokia C6 hands on

Hi there mobile freaks. On the eve of 'Diwali' (A festival of lights in INDIA), I recently bought brand new NOKIA C6 handset. I hand been eying the Nokia's coming mobile devices. Nokia recently launched E5, C6, C7 and many other devices.

    Out of these available ones and recently launched ones E5, C6 & E71 were some of the devices which allured me. I carried out a deep research and then decided to go for C6 coz my priorities were a QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm jack.

 Some of the features in this device are really outstanding and some of them have been degraded by Nokia. Click here to check Nokia C6 specifications .So I just thought, I shall come up and make a post here for all my dear mobile freak friends to let them know about Nokia C6.

QWERTY Key-board : The 4 row key-board is really user comfortable and easily accessible.It was really great to know that C6 comes with a 5-way Navigation key as shown here. It is extremely useful and makes using the key-pad an additive pleasure. A special key 'Sym' has been given for 'special symbols'. Usually Nokia Symbains have a button with a 'pencil' button on it. This button was used to mark,cut,copy, paste the text. Though C6 has no such button, the 'Shift' can be used for the same. One of my friends having 3 row QWERTY Key-board Nokia N900 says C6's QWERTY is more comfortable. :-)

On-Screen Keyboard : Lately I have discovered that there is an on-screen keyboard also available in Nokia C6. Earlier I used to open up QWERTY keyboard every time I had to type a particular thing even for searching a contact or setting up the alarm, but now it seems to be more comfortable with the key-board shown in the adjoining figure. The one that appears on the device is much more better that the one shown here. There is one more feature I liked in the device, that is 'Handwriting'. Handwriting allows you to write on the screen with you finger and the intelligent interpreter inside the mobile recognizes what the text you have written might be.

Web Using Wi-fi  : Using Internet over Wi-fi is really damn fast. I could download at about 40KBps on the device. The in-built browser can provide me support for full screen view of pages and makes web-surfing a real pleasure with the sacrifice of rapid battery discharge.

PDF Reader : The Adobe PDF Reader provided with this mobile device is not so good. I mean I can easily view the ebooks, but I can not see them full screen while reading. The 'Options' sidebar always keeps up in the right of my screen. Anyways its a third-party software, so we cant really blame Nokia for this.

Music Player : I have had a very bad experience with the music player of this mobile device, not with the music quality but creating play list. When I add the songs to a new play list (or existing one) it gives me a prompt with all the available music file on the device. This is what I am not satisfied with. I wanted to have a 'File Manager' kind of prompt which would help facilitate me to enter into directories and choosing the files individually. What it provides me now is just a 'tree view' of songs and I have to keep searching and choosing the songs of my choice which is really a painful task.

                             One more issue that I noticed with my new Nokia C6 is that when I am playing some music while the mobile key-pad is locked, I cannot adjust the volume of the music tracks being played unless I unlock the mobile. As far as I know, I had seen that other Nokia Symbain devices used to support this feature of volume adjustment while the device is locked.

Video Player : The in-built RealPlayer is good in playing H264(AVC) videos. It feels good to watch music videos in the mobile device.

Nokia Accessories :  The Accessories that came in the Nokia C6 box are :
  • Nokia C6-00
  • User manual and Quick guide
  • Travel charger
  • microUSB cable
  • Stereo headset with microphone
  • 2GB microSD card
All the things were good but the headset. The headset are really and outstandingly cheap. Technically speaking the headset introduce a kind of distortion called 'humming' in Electronics soon as I plug them into the mobile. Speaking about the music quality of the headset is also very lousy. So before buying get some decent head-phones or ear-phones if you are a music freak too. Thank GOD I had my own Philips S series in-ear ones.

Proximity Sensor : The proximity sensor on the front panel of mobile is great. I turns off the LCD backlight when you bring the phone close to your ears while talking. It helps saving battery power.

5.0 MP Camera : The camera is really really worth appreciating. The feature I liked most is the auto-focus.
See comparison of C6 camera snaps vs N900 camera snaps

Ctrl button : I had just been playing with the mobile and figured out that the Control 'Ctrl' button on the key-board is very useful. While texting or writing some text document, you can use some desktop PC familiar shortcuts like as follows:

Ctrl+A : To select all the text in the text document.
Ctrl+Z : To undo the latest changes made to the text document.
Ctrl+X : To cut the text.
Ctrl+C : To copy the text.
Ctrl+V : To paste the text.

Final Thoughts
I loved the Nokia C6 very much, though the disappointing thing is that it lacks Android OS,but I think the pros far outweigh the cons for this mobile device.

  I will keep this blog post updating regularly as I go on using C6 so keep visiting.


  1. Hey what about its Battery backup ?

  2. yeah the battery is ok my freind...!
    but dont expect it to work for more than 24 hours if you are using Wi-fi on the mobile...!

    without wifi it works fine with me for about 2 days...!

  3. dude does dis phone hanged?..i m going to buy this phone n i had heard that it hangs...

    so i m now confuse whether to buy c6 or motorola blackflip.....reply reply......

  4. Its been just a week I have bought the mobile,

    no the Phone did not hang.
    but I started virus scanning in it with Kaspersky and then open around 2-3 applications simultaneously, when the mobile suddenly restarted.

    And I dont blame this to be mobile's anomaly, bt Kaspersky takes too many resources when it scans the system. It scans the mobile thoroughly in depth.I have the experience of my PC.

  5. hey i also want to buy this.but i have concerns about the loudness of its is the sound ?? loud enough ??

  6. Wait, there exist viruses for symbian?

    Also have you thought about custom ROMS for the phone? :D

  7. @ Rony: The sound is not so loud. but I didt ever feel that it is too low. I mean one should not have any concern with the loudness. Sound is good, moreover sound quality is also good.

  8. @ Anonymous: Yeah viruses are very much prevalent for Symbain, but if u take care and use a good antivirus you wont need to bother.

    even one of my friends with Nokia N900(Meego) device has antivirus installed in it.

    See, a virus can exist for every device that runs a software. So it doesnt make sense in not buying SYMBAIN device just coz it is infected by viruses out there.

  9. @ all: you guys can download mobile antivirus for symbian devices from here

    Enter the mail ID. Download link is sent to your mail ID. open the link. Choose your handset model. Download it.

  10. @Jay Thanks a lott for your fast replyy....and i hav gt sum more doubts..i hope its not a disturbence for you.if so m it having a stylus ?? does it hav an onscreen landscape alphanumeric keyboard as 5800 and 5530 ?? and thanks once again for your quick replyy !!

  11. Thats my pleasure dude...!

    and I am always there to answer...

    No, the mobile has no stylus.
    Neither has it an alphanumeric keyboard.

    But I heard that the softwares are available for an onscreen alphanum. keyboard for this mobile device.

  12. dude .. can u help me out as i am not able to transfer picz or music from ma laptop to ma cell? ..hav tried using PC Suite? but itz not workin.

  13. ohh thank you jayy....ohh.that means no onscreen keyboard in landscape mode except the qwerty ?? no touch keyboard in landscape mode ? i wish you could post a video review which clears all the doubt of the people..and thnkz once again..

  14. if U have Bluetooth on ur laptop, use it to connect to C6 by using Nokia Ovi Suite.

    Then goto my computer and u must be able to access everything in your mobile...!

    Hey u find any Good PDF Reader. Please do share the donwload link in the comments

  15. I didnt get replyy 4 thizz tatz y...srryy.....

    "ohh thank you jayy....ohh.that means no onscreen keyboard in landscape mode except the qwerty ?? no touch keyboard in landscape mode ? i wish you could post a video review which clears all the doubt of the people..and thnkz once again.."

  16. Hi...
    Can I ask how is the touch UI, as I seen other review it was saying sluggish touch UI, can you help to advice? how does the touch UI response in Texting?

  17. Hi,

    Touch UI is good, but its really uncomfortable when I want to search a particular contact. I have to open-up the QWERTY or otherwise search for a contact using my nail on the scroll-bar. But the touch is really responsive when it comes to seaching the song in the music player.

    "how does the touch UI response in Texting?"

    I didnt understand what do u mean by this...!
    I dont need to use the Touch while I am texting someone. I use only the QWERTY while texting.

    Now that u have asked about touch UI, I must tell u one thing.

    when I want to set the alarm, I have to open up the QWERTY just for setting up the alarm time. This is what I didnt like much.

  18. @Rony: Welcome & Sorry Dude, I was little busy with my work.

    Though theres no natively provided virtual key-board in C6, I am damn sure people out there must have written some apps for a virtual key-board in C6.

    But methinks it feels good to use the Physical QWERTY than virtual one. Dont u think so?

  19. @all : I am soon going to post the "compulsory usage of QWERTY while setting up the alarm".

  20. Hi!

    Im intending to get this phone.
    Im only seeking for a phone that can do simple calling and smsing.
    Doubt im gonna do much other than those.
    So isit very laggy? Or does it restart/hang etc?

    Thanks, appreciate much! :)

  21. @jay thats ok......thank u for the reaply..yea we can use swype as a virtual keyboard..or do you know which helps us to install virual keyboard ?? if you know please tell me...yea i love physical keyboard than the touch.......i jst wantd to clear my doubts !! anywayz thanks a lot for your responces...

  22. @Rony: I dont know anything about availability of virtual key-board for this mobile...

    If I come to know about any such app I will post a download link to it on this blog.

  23. @Anonymous: I had heard much about this Mobile being laggy and OS crashing many times a day, but thenafter I also read somewhere on the net that the flaws have been repaired in the new mobiles manufatured after October.

    I think I have got a defect corrected handset as I didnt experiece anything bad like lagging or hanging or restarting frequently...!

  24. Hi Jay,

    I'm planning to buy a new phone and I'm torn between Nokia C6 and C6-01.. since nokia C6-01 is still not yet available here, I'm really very tempted to go for C6..any advice? Thank you so much. =)

  25. I didnt like C6-01 so much...!
    thats y cannot throw any thoughts

    well I am satisfied with C6-00...!

  26. hi jay,
    i'm planning to buy a new nokia fone, but im really confused between nokia x6,c6 and c6--01...i heard that c6 touch is resistive.what does that. mean,is it not good?is there any prblem wiht the touch it very slow?plz reply

  27. Yeah you can go ahead with Nokia C6. My review of Nokia C6 was a users hands-on review.

    The only thing that I can say about X6 and C6-01 is that they both dont have a physical QWERTY keyboard. Having a physical QWERTY keyboard was my first priority, so I went for C6-00. If thats the same case with you, C6-00 is meant for you.

    Resistive touch screen is a combination to 2 thin films of surfaces separated by air in between them. When you touch the screen, a contact between them is established and the co-ordinates of the touch are sensed by the sensor.

    Resistive touch screen is more durable than capacitive touch screen. For more information just goto wikipedia.
    It works good for me and I am not facing any kinda problems with the Device, its not slow either. I have no speed issues.

  28. @all,esp. Rony: Sorry guys, my apologies...
    Nokia C6 also provides a On-Screen Traditional T9 keyboard.

    I just figured it out today when I accidently open up 'New Message' and touched the text area whitout opening out the QWERTY.

    Also somewhere above I have mentioned 'discomfort while setting alarm' was also relate to on-screen keyboard. Now this also has been resolved.

  29. wowwwwwwwwwwww jayy..thankzz broo thankz a trillion man..u rock..tat means u have a on screen qwerty in landscape mode ryt ?? thankzz jayy... i cannot controll my happiness man....and ur blog too rockzz.....can u post a pic of the on screen qwerty or video so that v all will be more clear about the phone..and thankz once again bro....

  30. welcome for that...!

    I will try to put the screenshot of the on-screen keyboard...!

  31. Hey Please do follow my blog and keep visiting...!

  32. @Jay..pleze do it as soon as possible...yup sure..vl b following ur blog.... :)

  33. hi jay can u say is the c6-00 got any internal ram & rom in it

  34. Yeah Dude it has got 128MB RAM inside. I have taken the snapshot of the specifications for you too.

  35. @jayy hey man..wsupp..did u get tymm to tak te screenshot of te landscape qwerty ??? and which site is tat vch u showd te screen shot in te above comment ??

  36. Hi,

    I have added the on-screen potrait mode keyboard screenshot. Scroll above to read the content.

    I have taken the screen shot from and uploaded it to my server and then I have given the link here on my blog.

  37. Hi! Can you play racing games in C6 using the accelerometer?

    How are the games in C6? Thanks!

  38. I didnt try any games on the mobile but there are hell lot of them available on the Ovi Store.

    but theres one known to me called Need For Speed...which works with Accelerometer.

  39. well, if it does almost everything that I'd be needing in a phone, as what you've mentioned, might as well buy this rather than buying the more expensive touchscreens from nokia.

    One more question though, what exactly is the difference between symbian^1 (c6) and symbian^3? aside from the latter being the latest.

    Thanks so much.

  40. Sym^3 has more enriched UI than Sym^1...!

    more improvements in terms of UI management, layout management, Process Management in multi-tasking enviornment. etc.

  41. Hey dude i have heard dat C6 hangs a lot... wat is ur experience ???

  42. Thanks! =)

    one last question, you've been using your c6 for almost 2 weeks now, right? How's the screen? Are there like marks or dents because of the constant finger pressing and sometimes nail pressing or if you're using stylus? Because on my friend's 5800, there are a lot of marks and dents on the screen which really doesn't look good especially when the phone is on standby..

    Thanks so much for the infos.

  43. I had heard much about this Mobile being laggy and OS crashing many times a day, but thenafter I also read somewhere on the net that the flaws have been repaired in the new mobiles manufatured after October.

    I think I have got a already software updated handset as I didnt experiece anything bad like lagging or hanging or restarting frequently...!

  44. @Anonymous : yeah, there are many marks on the screen that can be clearly seen especially when the mobile is in stand-by...!!!

    but I have a screen guard on the I dont really bother about it...!

  45. Hi all,

    m planning to have this device in next few days but have heard that it hangs quite often. Please suggest.

  46. I bought my Nokia phone in pakistan

    Hi its really very nice blog,very useful information..

    What a stylish mobile phone this is.I want to purchase ...

    It is a very beautiful Nokia Mobile

  47. @ Pankaj: I think I have got a already software updated handset as I didnt experiece anything bad like lagging or hanging or restarting frequently...!

  48. @Rashid : Please do help spread the word about this blog post. Give the links to any of your friends who are about to buy a new mobile, so that they can come to know about the features and faults in Nokia C6.

  49. Hi Jay,

    I just like to ask if I can read a pdf file in C6? like e-books..


  50. @Jay Thnk you for your helps...i hope u will be able to do these for more phones as well...

  51. Thnx Jay.
    I guess the phone supports office documents like word,excel,powerpoint and also pdf files.
    Hows the interface while reviewing these files?
    Can we edit word and excel files?
    Any chances of the price coming down soon?

  52. Yes. As I have mentioned above, C6 comes with built-in Adobe reader which enables reading ebooks.

  53. @Rony : Yeah sure...but if I buy them...


  54. @Pankaj : I didnt experiment with the word and powerpoint files.

    The user interface for the pdf files is good, but I cudnt view them in Full Screen. I need to zoom in into the ebook to read it properly, but then I have to keep it scrolling up-down & sidewise also, this was it becomes more uncomfortable and that is sad on Nokia's part.

  55. Hey...jay i have gone through all your reviews of C6 and found some interesting stuff so, I finally decided to buy nokia C6 in a couple of dayz...thank you so much dude

  56. Hello Jay,

    Thanks for providing your views and self experience regarding Nokia C6. I am also quite keen to buy this phone. But I have heard of the phone being hanged frequently.

    As per your post, it figures out that the software issues has resolved in recently manufactured phones. Well, can you please dig out from where we can get a official nokia confirmation

    Awaiting your response

    Ameya Z

  57. Hi Ameya,

    I cudnt find any such official confirmation from Nokia about the bug fixes. It was something that I had read on some discussion forums that the mobiles being manufactured after October2010 had the bug fixed.

    If I find any such news meanwhile, I will post the link to that article on this blog.

    Stay tuned and have fun in the sun.

  58. hi jay,
    cud u please tell me whether C6 supports TV-OUT it says a 3.5mm av connector ....but i have read everywhere that it doesn't support TV-OUT..please help me with tis..

  59. no...buddy,

    it doesnt support TV-output...

    in Nokia mobiles I have seen TV-output only in N8...

  60. I just want to know whether the cellfone has handwriting recognition similar to XpressMusic 5800???


  61. I havent used the hand-writing recognition on XpMusic cant really comment about it.

    I just can say that the hand-writing recognition intelligence that C6 has is quite good. You can figure that out easily from the 'On-Screen Keyboard :' section of this blog post.

  62. Thanks a lot buddy.

    Okay. Just to clarify with u. I didnt know C6 has Character Recognition. Does it ?

    And overall how is the slider? Strong and durable?


  63. Yeah Shiva,

    the mobile has character recognition.
    Actually slider is really strong and firm. You can experience how strong it is when you slide it out...
    Moreover, the slider has metallic base beneath, I think this is what makes it more heavier than other devices.

  64. How loud is the sound & the sound quality of c6 as compared to nokia 5800xm ??

    Which will be better phone among c6,5800,x6 ?

    Which advantages & disadvantages have u observed using the phone ?

    Does it hangs a lot as many people say that ?

  65. can anyone please confirm whether it supports editing of office documents.

  66. @Kush:
    "How loud is the sound & the sound quality of c6 as compared to nokia 5800xm ??"

    cant comment...I use C6 mostly with headsets and I havent ever used 5800xm.

    "Which will be better phone among c6,5800,x6 ?"

    This totally depends upon you.My priority was a physical key-board and wifi. So I chose C6.

    "Which advantages & disadvantages have u observed using the phone?"

    I cannot search and select a song to add into the playlist. A file manager view would be more comfortable while creating a playlist.
    While reading the ebooks on the device the Adobe reader cannot be expanded to full-screen.

    "Does it hangs a lot as many people say that..?"
    No, I didnt hang ever, atleast in my case.I use it almost all the day listening to music. It never crashed or restarted.

  67. First, the blog is very-very good.
    i want to buy this nokia c6-00, but nokia priority stores says that phone is not coming these days as it has some problem with firmware,

    is there any kind of problem with that phone, or when the phone will available in india after fixing such problem.

  68. Thanks for the words of appreciation.

    As of yet, I didnt experience any problems with Nokia C6.

    Also I didnt hear any news that the production of this mobile has been stopped. If I get any such news I will update the blogpost along with the link of the resource where I get that news from.

  69. Amazing info..I hav a ques for you-

    M also planning for C6..wht i can figure out is when compared to Nokia 5233 its havin 5mp camera,wifi,3G...but is more thn double the price....So m bit confused whethr to go for C6 or 5233...

    As its available for 13150 but 5233 is available for 6000...

  70. hi jay!

    I really am planning to buy a C6.. but isn't it too bulky or too big for a girl?


  71. @ all: sorry for replying late guys.

    @Anonymous : I hope that the prices will come down soon in about six months or so.

    My prime concern was to buy a mobile which is:
    1. Nokia
    2. with comfortable, physical QWERTY keyboard.
    3. has inbuilt wi-fi.

    so I went for Nokia C6....

    in short I mean that it totally depends upon your requirements whether to compromise for price or Device.

    anyways I am getting into Android Development slowly, so also planning to buy some Android Device too(mostly HTC, may be till coming April 2011). Will also post a review of that in here on ma blog.

  72. @Blue Magic : "for a girl?" Aahaan...!

    Yeah I believe that its little bulky in weight, but I think its coz of the metallic plate underneath the slider it has.

    Little heavy in the beginning, but when you get used to it, you wont bother anymore.

    "anyway,if its your girl's b'day give her my greetings."

  73. Hi Jay,

    Thanks! I'll buy one then.. =) Cheers!

  74. Hey I want to buy the phone...
    But The dealer told me that there is some software problem and is not very smooth to use..
    he recommended Blackberry curve for the same range..(White)... as it has very smooth functioning...

    What do suggest Blackberry curve or C6...
    I like the physical appearance, camera & slider qwerty pad of C6.... Bt the softwares and functioning is more smooth in the Blackberry...!!
    so plz suggest..!!

    Thanks for ur help in advance.......
    your bog is really informative with regards to the product..!!!

  75. Thanks for your appreciation of my blog. All the visitors to my blog are like the assets to me.

    See, as of yet I didnt face any kind of trouble with Nokia C6, so I wont give you any negative feedback for the same. I havent used Blackberry anytime, so cant comment how is the software of it.

    If at all you want to go for mobile other than Nokia C6, then I would recommend you any Android Device, mostly HTC Aria. Its software and User Interface is really appealing, highly stable and intuitive.


  77. by the way Android is always better than Symbian, coz it has got Linux kernel inside which is very powerful.

    I bought Nokia coz thats my first love in Mobiles and I trust Nokia unlike anything.

    No, there is no need of install
    ing any kind of software except the Antivirus once you buy Nokia C6. Almost all the needed app like facebook, youtube and many others are already installed on the device itself.

  78. Hi Jay,

    I am following this blog very closely. You are doing a great job, being impartial.

    My query is :

    How much external memory are u using right now?

    And how is the speed of the mobile with 8 or 16 gb memory?

    Overall how is the speed of the cell phone?

    How is the battery of C6?

  79. ok...ohh...really...

    but I dont see you following the blog in the followers section.

    1. I am using a 4GB micro SD card with my mobile.
    2. Dont know really...but I guess it will slow down to handle 8GB or 16GB.
    3. Overall speed is ok, but not lightening fast.
    4. battery lasts for 24 hours if you play songs on the phone speaker for long. It lasts for about 48-60 hours if you use play songs in headset for day long.

  80. people, NOT buy the stupid C6. It only give you frustration and will push your stress level skyhigh. It is indeed the dumbest smart phone in the market and tech support...equally useless.
    I bought one recently and have given up hope on it. Now may have to buy a samsung which is cheaper and more reliable. C6 not only hang, restarting it could be a big problem. Imaging in time of needs, this stupid phone can just give up on you without warning. It got nothing to do with memory as I have the max 8G and only uses 2G.

  81. Jay Your Blog is valuable one. I appreciate your hard work. i planed to buy nokia 5230. After see your blog changed my mind. now I brought Nokia C6 Phone. Nice One thanks Jay.
    Keep writing. Your narrating skill is good.

  82. @ Rahu Expo:

    Thanks for your appreciation of my BLOG.

    Do post comments about the features you liked and disliked about Nokia C6.

  83. @ Anonymous : Soon as I read your comments I tried restarting my C6, but I didnt experience anything going bad with the mobile.

    Might be it was your handset which has got some trouble inside.

  84. hey!! jay can u tell me how to transfer games fom PC to nokia c6

  85. To do this you must have Nokia OVI installed on your PC.Connect the Mobile to the PC using the USB cord that came with the mobile.

    A menu appears on the mobile screen.

    select 'PC Suite' from that menu.

    click the game file that u have on the PC. OVI will ask 'do you want to install the file on the device'

    on this prompt select 'Yes'.

    The game will begin installing on your C6.

    Its that simple.

  86. Hello Jay@...
    I'm planning to buy this mobile... can u pls let me know how is the music quality (in headphones)?

    With regards,

  87. Hi Pradeep,

    The quality of the music in the head-phones pretty much depends on the head-phones your are using. The one I got with Nokia C6-00 are really worst and outstandingly cheap.

    For myself I use, Philips some S series in-ear type head phones. Believe me, when I listen to songs with head-phones, I just get into a high pitch BASH or I am just not into this world. It really makes me crazy.

  88. @Jay... thank you very much for your reply... so u mean in order to get good music quality i need to use 3rd party headphones than supplied in retail box..?

    With regards,

  89. Annnmmm.... YES.

    You will get the Philips HeadPhones for about Rs. 500-600. If you wanna go for any other...You are FREE.

    keep visiting. I will be soon uploading the themes and some useful softwares for Nokia-C6.

  90. hey jay did you ever update your phone firmware? because i heard some people got hanging after updating the firmware

  91. As of yet I didnt try to update the firmware...!

    I am thinking of doing it the soon...

    and believe me, if anything happens to My NOKIA, I am going to shout out loud at the NOKIA CARE.

  92. Hi! I finally bought this phone (nokia c6) after months of uncertainty (because of the bad reviews).. and unfortunately it failed me.

    I just bought it the other day and while I'm using it, it just suddenly shuts down and turned itself off. When I try to watch videos from facebook links the phone just turns itself off and also when I use skype..

    and when I use Skype.. the phone restarts all by itself.. and using Skype mobile is the main reason why I bought this phone..

    I already updated my software version..

    Does anybody here knows how to fix this problem?
    I plan on bringing it to a Nokia service center however I heard that they'll just give you nothing..

    So sad.. because after waiting so long to buy a new phone.. this is all you're gonna get. I gambled and I LOST..

  93. is it the happening only when you use skype on the mobile...?

    or happens anytime?

  94. thanks for the reply jay..

    It happens when I watch video links from facebook and when I use skype.. the phone just turns itself off.

    So sad really.. =( You are one lucky guy to have purchased a good one.

  95. actually in the morning I have begun getting trouble...!

    problem is:
    1. I read a new message in my mobile.
    2. I close messages.
    3. I open the same message again.
    4. It doesnt open.

    Soon I confirm this abnormality, I will plot a post on the blog.

    I suggest you to use Kaspersky Mobile Security Antivirus for the mobile if you are using the internet through Nokia C6. The trial version will last for about a month.

  96. I'm already using Kaspersky.. hopefully Nokia give answers..

    I'm really really disappointed.. =( It feels like I'm always at the edge of my seat when I'm using some of its features because it might work or it might fail again..

    Hope to hear from you Jay regarding this issue. Thanks so much.

  97. But this is happening with me only when I am receieveing a message into the memory card.

    still if I face anymore problems with this handset. I am gonna tell Nokia that my blog has a 1000 visitors a day and if you people keep fooling customers this way with such useless devices, I am gonna write really nasty blog post and will put all my efforts in ruining Nokia.

    after all a 1000 visitors a day is not a big deal neither I want to do wrong to anyone, but surely if someone is fooling us this way, we have to take such steps.

  98. Yea, hopefully if there'll be FW or SW updates soon it'll fix all these problems.

    I chose C6 out of the other brands w/ physical qwerty because of my familiarity w/ the Nokia interface and because it's user friendly.. I just didn't expect I'll be stuck in this situation.

    Sorry if I'm pouring my heart out here.. It's just so frustrating that after years of not buying a new phone and waiting.. I'll end up with this..

    I'll be waiting here, Jay, if there are updates or other followers who might be able to help. Thanks a lot.

  99. we are both having the same reason to buy Nokia. Lets hope we didnt end up with something bad in out hands with a loads of price paid for.

  100. hi jay i like my c6. thanks to jay. i like its feature and UI. unfortunately I have facing Some problem. while reading the sms, mobile take too time, 2 when i use internet some times mobile restart. using google Map phone Hang, 3. audio quality is poor.
    Design is good, I don't have a replacement phone, that's why I wanted to wait before bringing it to the Care Point. Hope you come back with some good news.

  101. I got the problems after updating to latest version. i asks my friends they have the same problem after updating the software. On further diagnostics I found that it restarts every time so don't update the software. new software have so many bugs.I reset the phone problems solved.. I don't know why they released it without proper testing.
    jay Hpoe your valuble reply. How to solve this problem.

  102. i like mocromax andro a60. i planed to buy for my brother. how is your opinion.

  103. As of yet I didnt experience any such problems with Nokia C6, but I have noticed really many people complaing me about the mobile. If you ever goto Nokia Care Point, just yell out at those people and straight way ask them for money back.

    I have also posted and important notice regarding software update for Nokia C6 users at the top of this blog.

    For Micromx Andro no one yet come out with the review, so I cant advice you on whether to go for it or not. But if 7000Rs is not a big deal for you, you can go and grab one, just for the try.

  104. jose::

    watz abt ur opinion??

    weathr i buy a c6 or not ???

    do u face any problems for dat phone...

    i lik dat phn bt no one gives any suggestion

    by jose... hope u replyuuu

  105. @jose:

    The phone is good but I have noticed many people getting problems with the software. If you want to install a hell lots of games and applications on this phone, I think you shall not go for this Phone. Because you may install a lots of apps and you may never know which one caused your phone to malfunction.

    I think you better go for Samsung Galaxy 3 or 5. I have just handled it when I had been to some conference recenlty. The touch response and the GUI is really great than that of C6, but all the Galaxy phones lack the physical keyboard. :-)

  106. oh Bro... i m confused now... i m following this blog from last few weeks,,, i made my mind to get c6 but now.... damn i aint know,,,,, still if u can put reviews for Micromax Android and Samsung Galaxy,,,

    this blog is very usefulllll.....
    thanks alot bro for this blog..



  107. Just came to know that Samsung galaxy aint got front cam so no video calling offcourse galaxy S does have but its costly,,,, heard android is best platform,,, Micromax launched one ,,, but it aint got front cam toooo,,,, so waste of me buyin that,,,,, so now i m really confused... c6 was a best option for me,,,, hope this issues wud be sorted out soon so that i can get it ....

    regards.. madz

  108. Lets hope Nokia solves these issues, soon.

  109. jose::

    i dnt use mre apps and gamess....

    which is btr c6 or Samsung galaxy 3???

  110. jose::

    i'm nt so intrstd in samsung phones

    wat u say abt it???

  111. I liked C6 more...!

    coz galaxy is Samsung. :-(

    I am not intrested in Samsung either...but one great thing is that Galaxy 3 has got 667Mhz processor which is a great advantage over 443Mhz processor of C6 and also Galaxy 3 has got Android in it.

  112. Wow. really nice blog you got here. I am planning to buy either a nokia c6 or a sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro. I like the c6 for its design and big screen, while I like the xperia for its Android OS and it's capacitive touchscreen (which a lot of people say is faster). I'm just worried that both phones easily break and hang often overtime as what happens to other slide phones once the 'ribbon' is broken. What can you suggest? Thanks!

  113. How much is Nokia c6 on stores right know?

  114. @Anonymous :

    Hey I dont suggest to go with Erricson,but then people are facing problems with Nokia C6, so choosing some Android device would be a good decision.

    I bought it for 13,400.

  115. Hey bro

    Can u let me know cheapest android with front cam...

    thanks alot

  116. why do you say I shouldn't go for ericsson? and what can you say about slide phones breaking easily? do you think it would be true with the nokia c6 and the SE xperia?

  117. just coz I dont like SONY....!

    slider really doesnt cause anything...I have seen people with this belief that slider phones are really risk to use, but after all it depends upon your use of the mobile.

  118. Bro

    How about C6- 01 ,,, it aint got Qwerty Keypad.... hows it else.... please let me know


  119. Seriousl No idea man, it aint got no QWERTY so I didnt even look at it.


  120. Thanks bro,,,

    still confused :)) .... hope nokia will have good updates n will be sorted out soon,,,,, i think i will get it,,,, but will wait a bit n check out your blog for updates...

    thanks again

  121. heard they just releases new update, but waiting response of people with new updates if their hang is disappearing

  122. could you please post the link here related to the release of the update of new software.

  123. hi jay ..can u please guide me how to turn off the wifi after automatically reconnects even after disconn,,....thnx

  124. Click on 'wireless' and select 'Switch off WLAN search'

    or you can disable automatic WALN Network searching by going to Connectivity->WLAN->Settings

    and select'Search for WLAN networks after' by default it might be 5 minutes, select 'Never' from the options provided.

  125. thnx 4 reply...but it dint work...i searched other websites also...i found out that i have to first log out 4m all the applications lk fb..then it wrks...any way thnx...1 more thing..can i remove clock widget also 4m home screen....hw do u find the set jay...i find it very good for net use...but n but...with more applications it started shutting down...i recently downloaded fring n it strted givin problm smtime....but overall it is a worth piece n value for money.

  126. Yeah using the net is really-really great on this handset, but I rarely do. Most of the time when I am online, I use my laptop. Also I didnt use too many applications on it as of yet. Of course if you run so many apps simultaneously, the device is bound to hang or restart coz the processor is not so strong and neither is the RAM too huge.

  127. jose::


    which is gud c6 or x6????

  128. Annn....

    Go for C6..I think if there are some problems still persistent in C6, Nokia will resolve them soon.

    But this is what I THINK, the decision is still upto you...


  129. which is gud c6 or x6????

  130. yaar how can i play videos in c6...which converter gonna work here?

  131. Use rm format videos. I use Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate software for watching in mobile.

  132. hey Jay,

    m planning to buy nokia 5800 or c6 can u suggest me which is better & what is the price of those two??

  133. Nokia 5800 is for about 12-13000 Rs, and Nokia C6 is for about 13000 Rs.Considering the price differences, I think you should go for C6.

  134. hey,

    do u hav ny idea f other phones below 10-15k????.....can u pls suggest me ......

  135. If you wanna go for an Android device go for Asus, I dont recall the model, but its for about 8k or otherwise go for Samsung Galaxy which comes for around 9k.

    In Nokia, I dont think there are too many good mobiles below 10k. One I would like to go for was E63,I guess its below 10k.

  136. Thks for rply Jay,

    I hav another qustn to u i heard tht C6 is haveing some software prblm whether it is true??I want to buy c6 is tht prblm related to particular version or all series??

  137. Yeah I have also heard many people saying that C6 has got some software problem in it. The device that I have is absoultely fine and I didnt have any problem with it.

    I think that was the problem with only some handsets. If anytime in future I figure out any anomaly in the device's behavior, I will update this blog post.

  138. jay i m having problem in assigning images to the contacts..can u plz guide me hw can i do that..thnx.

  139. thats kinda simple buddy,

    Goto Contacts, edit the contacts you want to assign an image to.

    There you will find 'image name' click it and goto Options, click 'Add image', choose a image from the Select image dialog and click 'Select', Click 'Done'

    thats it, its that simple.

  140. hey, jay i purchased this phone last week and its really awesome phone and i am also not having any problem with it, nokia resolved the software problem and relaunch the phone.
    i want to ask you that how to edit the label name in the contacts like old symbian phones.

  141. thats a great news...and Congrats. Do report here on the blog if u think theres any problem with the mobile.

    Sorry, but I didnt get your question...!

  142. Jay Bhai,,,,,

    give details about your phone condition of the date,,,, as its quite few months u got it,,,

    awaiting your reply....

    and suggest if it worth to buy c6

  143. Hi, I have bought the phone on 5th of november, and its working fine for me as of yet.

  144. dude i got a speed of 90-100 kbps in c6 on wifi network.... its not only 40 kbps k.... and want to say dat its good to update the mobile software whenever update is available coz it reduces the hanging issue....

  145. hi jay,
    i bought C6 y'day ... it was working good till now version was Nov'10 thks for all your info.

  146. I didnt say you wont get a speed above 40kbps.

    and thanks for the update, if the update has been fixed, I will remove the comments at the top of the blog post.

  147. i want to ask you that if I have under University title: 4 numbers: one for HR. another for Finance , onther for Reception...etc... when i open my contact i dont know which one belong to which section... have i create new contact for each departement for the same University? is there any way to edit contact label like in symbian 2nd and 3rd edition.

  148. sorry, but theres is no way you can edit the lable of the contact with Nokia C6.

  149. Jay Bro...

    Finally i got c6 on saturday,,,, n i loved the features in it,,, u can download nimbus n make free calls if u have unlimited gprs or 3g ... i used 3g for making calls in nimbus gtalk... n it was kewl delay of0.10 seconds,,,, other than that till now i aint updated my software... but still its nice,, more to explorer......

    thanks alot

  150. Good to hear that Madz...!

    keep rocking with New Nokia C6 and Congrats too...!

  151. Any new problems you're experiencing with ur nokia c6?

  152. YEAHss...!

    on sunday it suddenly got restarted and when I went to my messages after that, all the messages that I had stored on the memory card were deleted.

    I will be reporting this on the blog soon as I get time to do so.

  153. download spl shell its good for your touch screen mobile,,,,,, other than that no probs for me till now,, except i had deleted my facebook from my mobile.... any idea where i can get facebook installation file for nokia c6 ,,, i aint need third party clients.... thanks...

    awaiting favorable response

  154. take backup of the settings and contacts an try restoring the factory settings.

    I think this will work.

  155. jay.,

    can u pls tek ne wr i can get google talk for my c6..??

  156. yeah buddy, I am here to help you....!

    click the link below and download Nimbuzz for your mobile...u can make IMs or free calls if u have unlimited GPRS or 3G connection.

  157. Bro,,,,

    I had restored the settings but it aint worked.... can u please tell me where can i get facebook please.....

    awaiting your reply...

  158. Try searching ovi store..!

    theres a software called facebook...I think that should be the one u are looking for

  159. Bro

    I tried it on OviStore but nothing is their i browsed all ovi store.... can u tell me how can i play live streaming on this handset,,, as wenever i go on live streaming page it shows u need updated flash..... help in this matter

  160. try using flash player lite from the ovi store...!

    I think that should work...!

  161. hey bro..,

    i have to clarify 1 thing ... when i go to e-mail option (it is not defined my i.d till nw) it says mailbox not defined once i go through & enter sufficent it says then also i cant c my mailbox in last says error ..can u have any idea on it??

  162. nop...!
    I think there must be something your are missing while entering the information for your mail account...!

    try it calmly with your mind relaxed. I think this should work.

  163. hi Jay: quick question: can you store photos and music in separate folders on ur memory card of C6?

  164. Yeah of course,
    why not..!

    quick reply

  165. thanks Jay, would also like to know if we can archive SMS/saved messages in seperate folders?

  166. Hi Dude,

    I m Going To Purchase Nokia C6, I Have googled Abt C6 Most Of Reviewers Says That Mobile was Hanged Is It True (You Using C6 You Better Know), And Which One You Recommended Between Nokia C6 And Nokia 5800.

  167. Nop for me the mobile did not hang or crashed...!

    its been two months I have bn using Nokia C6...but I have noticed it restarting unconditionally 2 times as of yet...

    besides this I havent faced any problem as such...!
    when I asked Nokia Care for the solution to this...they suggested updating the firmware...
    thats it.

  168. hi jay...i have bought C6 recently...there are no smileys option available...any idea about that?

  169. no Dude I dont have any idea of the smiley in the device...
    may be there are some softwares of smileys available on the ovi store..

  170. rajesh :- hi my frnd there s a keypad in touch screen to type a msg in c6 . or v have to use a key pad ly for msging rply me soon bcoz i want buy it it looks v classic

  171. First of all I wud like to thank you for the comment.

    YES there is an on Screen keypad in Nokia C6. You wont need to open up the slide and use QWERTY while msging.

  172. Hello Jay

    Reading on all above comments makes me think its really a tough work ur doing...Helping others in a genuine way..Hats off !
    Like others I also want ur help for my decision.

    N97 mini , C6 and E72 are the phones on which I am staring.
    1. My 1st priority is N97 mini . (I am so much in doubt because of its battery life )
    2. Second is the C6 ( Agian I have read negative comments about the Battery Life )
    3. If I dont make up my mind on those two phones , I am confident enough to buy E72 eyes closed.
    Actually have to gift it to my father. My only concern between Nokia N97 mini and Nokia C6 is the battery life. I amm really really mad about N97 mini . I want the battery life to be atleast 1.5 days .

    Need ur support

  173. First of all thanks for the praise.

    1. why is N97 mini ur first choice...coz the only diff. between N97 and C6 is the camera lens manufacturer. rest everything like processor, speed, screen-size, software version etc is same 2 same.

    2. As far as I have used this mobile there are not any issues with the battery but yeah there are some software issues.

    3. I have had no deep research for E72 though, I think it is always a better choice to go with.

    if u still have any queries, just comment here and I will surely reply.

    Please do follow the blog.
    thank you

  174. Yes u r right
    I am a Carl Zeiss fan thats why..
    Moreover N series being the flagship, I trust more on them.
    Frankly I will buy N97 mini if it has sufficient battery life but I googled everywhere , most of the comments say that it has a very short B.F....heavy users charge 2 times a day :-(
    So maybe for normal its everyday charging once.
    Help out !

  175. ohh..!

    yes I agree that N series is a fore-sailing flagship...even I believe in N-series more than others.
    if u are a Carl Zeiss fangirl...!
    you should go with N97mini

    thanks for following.
    keep visiting. I will frequently keep posting the reviews of mobile devices here on my blog.

  176. my pc hangs when i use ovi suite.. does C6 supports nokia pc suite coz that works fine on my PC

    Deependra Singh

  177. hi sorry 4 not waiting 4 ur reply

    what is the major diff. between c6 & 5800xm..

    does c6 or 5800 supports multiple alarms

    which one can i go 4 as i am a music freak

  178. I did not try but I think Nokia C6 should support PC suite.

  179. Camera and QWERTY keyboard are the primary diffrences between C6 and 5800xm.

    I think you should go for Nokia C6.

    PleaseI wud also like to request you to follow my blog.
    thank you.

  180. hi...
    does C6 has AUTO UPDATE option for new cersion of firmware ??

    Bhushan Gowda

  181. hi
    DOes C6 has AUTO UPDATE option to new firmware ???

  182. Yeah it has...!

    but it will work only if the device is connected to Internet.

  183. thanks for ur reply !!!

    how is touch screen performance ??

  184. can u recite which one is better

    c6 & c6-01

  185. does c6 have a secondary front camera for 3g video calls

  186. @Bhushan: Touch Screen is NOT so responsive as that of Samsung Galaxy Android device when I got to use my friends handset.

  187. @ Deependra: I wud suggest not to go for any of the two C6 or C6-01...!
    YES it has a secondary front camera as well.

    Nokia is sucking with its software. I think I have started facing the battery problem. I am soon gonna post this on the blog.

    Please do follow the blog to receive the updates.

  188. hi jay
    is the battery cover of c6 wobbly?

    why are you saying no to c6 &c6-01;
    ok then can u tell me about any other nokia touchscreen phone i can go 4 under Rs. 15k..

  189. No the battery cover is ok...

    as I already said...
    'Nokia software sucks these days' thats y I am saying no to Nokia mobiles.

    I wud like you to go for some other brand Android mobile coz I have noticed that Android is fairly stable for mobile devices and also the User Interface and touch responsiveness is quite good.

  190. @jay
    wat problem r u facing with d battery ???

  191. Earlier the battery used to last for mre than 2 days.

    With the same usage as earlier, now the battery lasts not more than 1.5 day.

    I am soon going to post the battery review of Nokia C6 soon. keep visiting or subscribe RSS.

  192. den wat will u suggest dude wch cell 2 buy wit in 16k price u told 2 not 2 buy dis set right den wch set will u suggest???????plz help me out im confused....

  193. See I have used nokia C6 for more than 2 months, I have noticed that the OS is not so stable. May be an update of firmware will solve the problem, but what if it doesnt.!

    thats why I wud suggest you to go for some Android Device you may like.

  194. @jay
    my budget is 13k....which phone do u suggest for me ?
    I need GPS , WiFi and 3G in the phone !!
    if its android phone also fine..suggest me !!!



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