Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beautiful themes for mobiles.

I have just been stumbling the internet for a while to download some important software for my new Nokia C6. I just came across a package of some beautiful themes. I have sorted these themes out and also have taken three screen shots of each of the themes. One for the Home Screen, Second for the Music Player, Third for the Menu.

   The themes are applicable to the following mobile devices which are having Symbian OS Series60 5th edition.

  • Nokia 5230
  • Nokia 5233
  • Nokia 5228
  • Nokia 5250
  • Nokia 5230 Xpress Music
  • Nokia 5800 Xpress Music
  • Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition
  • Nokia C5-03
  • Nokia C6-00
  • Nokia N97
  • Nokia N97 mini
  • NokiaX6
  • Samsung i8910
  • Sony Ericsson Satio
  • Sony Ericsson Vivaz
  • Sony Ericsson Vivaz PRO

1. Dark Night

Download Dark Night

 2. Deep Space

Download Deep Space

3. Default Nokia C6 Theme

This Theme is already available with the mobile.

4. Energy of Music

Download Energy of Music

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cheapest Android Phone in India | Intex to launch Android Mobile for Rs 5500

Just today when I opened up my Reader in the morning with a sip of a coffee..., I came across a surprising news about the launch of cheapest Android mobile device in India.

                   Recently, Sudhir Kumar, assistant general manager of the telecom division at Intex, announced that Intex is going to launch Android Mobile with Android version 2.2 in the first week of February. The device is set to be priced at Rs. 5500. In addition to this Intex is also planning to launch mobile devices with in-built projector. These devices will also be capable of running Office Applications and eBooks.

With this step Intex has also stepped up the Android bandwagon. It seems that the year 2010 has sparked up the mobile OS war and year 2011 will continue to add fuel to the fire. This will make the war more aggressive as already the big players like Apple and Nokia are competing with the wildfire of Android.
Some big shots like HTC, Motorola, Samsung which seemed to be silent, have come up with embracing Android as their platform.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

When and How to innovate.?

Just yesterday I had an Alumni meet at my college PICT. I felt really great to be there once again in my college after so many days...There were not too many people for the meet, but then I got to meet some people whom I had met in just first year of my Engineering. There were people who had passed out from PICT in 1988 to the students like me who have passed out just in 2010.

Few of the great people I got to meet there, were Tarun Sharma, CEO of BMC Software. He is also an alumni of PICT, who was invited as the chief guest for the meeting. I wonder how great it must be feeling when you are invited in your own college as a chief guest.

Besides, there were some other great people who visited the college for the meet were, my apologies for being not able to recall their names, some Architect from Intel Corporation, some Security Manager from Symantec, some from IBM ISL, some elderly people from Oracle Corporation and many more.

    I was impressed by Tarun Sharma, the way he begun with his speech.
He said that the most important thing he would like to tell us all is,
‎"Imagine, Aspire, the early ages of order to become a great Entrepreneur, Engineer or a Developer tomorrow."

    No doubt, his words were transparently true. His words were more directed towards the students of PICT. He supported his words with the renowned examples for Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook, search giant Google, Yahoo. He said "All these things were born in the colleges itself. So always have a vision and work towards its achievement, because once the college life is over, there is very little time we get to put into these things."

Disclaimer: Just wanted to spread above great words to my fellow PICTians. I may not have been able to exactly reproduce the words of Mr. Tarun Sharma, so my apologies, upfront.

Friday, December 24, 2010

EA Mobile launched 8 new games for Android devices.

With the advent of Android into the number of mobile devices, the impetus that mobile application development received is tremendous. Android has become a primary choice for anyone who thinks of buying a new mobile device today.

   Recently there had been a news in the market about the launch of Need For Speed- Shift for the Android mobiles. The game is available for download from the Android Market for just $4.99 as stated by the report on AndroidOs.In. The prices have recently been dropped down to 99cents.
       In addition to this, there are some more releases of games for the Android by EA Games. The names of the newly released games, besides NFS-Shift are as follows.
  • Tetris
  • FIFA 10
  • Bejeweled 2
  • Worms
  • The Sims 3

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Technology-All that matters today, now on an independent domain name

Hello all the beloved visitors. You might have noticed that yesterday my blog has been down. The reason not being Google's server down but I have recently bought a domain name, as you might have noticed, for my own blog and I have been playing around to get it working.

    Buying a domain name is not a big deal, but the money that you have to pay to buy a domain name matters, sometimes. There are hell lot of domain name registrars out there in the market, but to choose the one that suits you is your choice. The domain name registrars like GoDaddy, DynaDot and many more might be known to you, the one I chose is NameCheap. I wanted to go for GoDaddy, but they were to charge me heavy to protect my information from WhoIs public database. WhoIs is a public database which can be queried by anyone to know the details of the owner of a particular website. Moreover, NameCheap asked me for no money to get protection from WhoIs and additionally they sold me a domain name for 10$ cheaper than what GoDaddy offered.

   Getting your information listed into the WhoIs Database is not a wrong idea, but if you dont want any spams, ad mails, domain hack threats, then it is advisable to stay away from getting listed into WhoIs database.

So this was all about my new domain name. Set your bookmarks accordingly and search for next time you Google to reach me...!

bye and have a great day.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Are desktop computers Obsolete or Dead?

Voila, I guess this is my fourth post in the same month. I would like to let all you people know that my blog has just completed an year on this world wide web. Recently I just wondered, if everything is on your mobile device, where the hell will today's desktop computers be seen tomorrow...!

     As far as I recall, ten years back from now,Internet was highly costly in India, charges for incoming call on mobiles were higher than the outgoing calls. Mobile phone was possessed by 1 of 100 people and computer was possessed by 1 of 1000 people. But with the advent of new technologies and the passage of time, computers have become a part and parcel of everyone's life. In such a scenario when mobiles are taking over computers in every aspect, what would be the future of desktop computers ever after 10 years or 20 years!!!. Lets dig in.
      Today everyone uses his mobile to stay connected, notebooks are used to gather and spread information, 99 of 100 people who use computers are the members of famous Social Networking websites, netbooks are available for computing on the fly. If everything has become so much into mobile computing, do you think the Desktop Computers will still serve human beings for long...?

    In search of an answer to this question, I just hunted down internet to gather some useful information.
    In recent time, with the arrival of new technologies and more efficient ways of fabricating transistors onto a silicon wafer, the advancement of the handheld device is at apex and still growing. The smartphones in 2006 had CPU speed of about 200Mhz whereas today's mobile devices are shipped with CPU speed of about 1Mhz. In fact the cost of LCD screens, which is the most costly part in an electronic device, are falling down. Costs of expensive parts of notebook computers are falling too.

Notebooks, netbooks and tablet PC's are taking over the world. I still recall the start of my engineering days, when I had bought my first desktop computer when I was pursuing Computer Studies at the University of Pune, just for the reason I got desktop PC twice as fast as notebook just for one-third the price of notebook. Today for the same price I get a notebook computer which is twice as fast as my then Desktop PC. Netbooks, though slow in performance, are gaining popularity.
The ubiquity of broadband Internet and the Cloud Computing model of computer usage have given a boost to the use of connected devices, mobile devices and hand-held devices.  The theory behind Cloud Computing is that the Internet would, in essence, replace your computer's hard drive. Netbooks are so tied in with Internet access that telecommunication  companies such as AT&T and Verizon have taken to selling them  packaged with wireless Internet service.

          In 2009, 13.5 million netbooks were sold throughout the world. With the passage of time and following the Moore's Law, the number of transistors integrated onto a piece of silicon wafer has increased tremendously. This phenomenon has given rise to more and more smarter mobile devices. They not only help you to send and receive messages and calls,  but they are now becoming the sources of information, primary ways of staying connected with friends, colleagues, companies etc.

     The Desktop computers are rapidly loosing grounds to the smartphones and mobile computing. The number of units of mobiles, netbooks, tablets that are manufature every month is increasing exponentially. The IP addresses in this world have exceeded the population count of the human beings on Earth and more mobile phones than Computers are being sold every minute. Lets see if the Desktop computers also walk the way Vacuum tubes and Transistor based computer went into demise.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Accord Android tablet PC for INR 9,999 only

Hey there everyone, so here I am back again with some great thing. Recently I came across a news that some company called Accord, dont know from which country, launched its own Android tablet PC P270. The tablet is quiet thin and seems to have good hardware.

    Most importantly, the device has got an Ethernet port, which means that you can connect you wired internet connection directly to the device. One more great thing the device comes with, is its inherent ability to connect mouse and a key-board. This really helps one to save time and errors caused due to usage of the touch-screen input.

The specification of the device are as follows:
1. OS: Android 1.7 - The device comes with Android version 1.7, which is usually not good. The latest version of Android being 2.3 (codename Gingerbread).

2. CPU : VIA 8505 400Mhz - VIA Technologies is a Tiawanese Chip and Microcontroller manufacturer. In addition to this they also manufacture Mother Board Chipsets, CPUs and Memory. The CPU of 400Mhz gives the tablet PC the same power as that of my Nokia C6. Nokia C6 has got an ARM 434Mhz processor.

3. RAM : 128MB DDR2 - The RAM of the tablet seems to be low, but cant really say anything unless I have my hands on the device.

4. HDD : 2GB - The device come with 2GB of storage which is enough to store e-books, documents etc. This storage can be extended to 16GB Micro SD card. With the memory extended to 16GB, you can easily store more than 15 movies and with still some space available for some documents.

5. Screen Size : 7 inches - The size of the display screen is same as that of samsung galaxy tab. 7 inch screen is pretty much enough for watching movies and videos on a tablet PC.

6. Input : Resistive Screen - The device has a 7" Resistive touch screen. Though resistive touch is not so responsive,  it is more durable than capacitive touch screen. The approximate durability of Resistive touch screen is 3 years whereas for the Capacitive touch screen it is 2 years. Almost all the devices available in the market come with resistive touch screen. In addition to this, the device also has an ability to connect mouse and key-board or even external Hard Disk.

7. Network : 3G, Wifi, Ethernet - As stated earlier, the device also enables the user to connect the wired internet connection through its Ethernet port.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Popularity of the programming languages

      Hello IT folks, here we go with strictly technical post. Sometime back, I was just stumbling upon somewhere on the web and I came across this beautiful statistics someone came up with. There are always some dudes playing around with somethings to create something new in this world. Some guys just classified the popularity of the programming languages by the number of tags on Stackoverflow and the number of projects in those languages on Github and the results were as depicted in the following picture.

As we can see here, whatever the language might be, there is still its existence in some way or the other. There are projects in languages from Java, PHP, javascript to apparently dead languages like ada, smalltalk, FORTRAN etc. Here, the picture walks us through the popularity of the programming languages whereas I recently came across a news that Mozilla is developing a new programming language called 'Rust'. Some of the key features of the new language Rust have been announced to be as follows

1. Object Oriented.
2. Explicit memory control.
3. Multi-platform, developed on Windows, Mac and Linux.
4. Memory Safe.
5. Creates lightweight tasks.

     While Mozilla is upto developing a totally new programming languages, despite of Apache Software Foundation resigning from Java Executive Committee, Oracle has taken initiative in releasing a higher version of Java 6. Oracle Corporation has announced the release date for Java 7 to be July 28th 2011, whereas it is also working on the development of Java 8 and seems its release will be announced soon too.

   So lets see how does the above picture change with the advent of new technologies and the arrival of new programming languages.

Monday, December 13, 2010

How did Facebook spread out and took over Orkut in INDIA ?

Hello folks I am back again with some new tech talks. Lately I have been going through some articles on the ReadWriteWeb and I came across some interesting post. It depicts the growth of Facebook and the demise of Orkut in the world.

    As we can see from the above picture, Facebook is the highly dominant Social Networking site in India in Dec 2010. But back then in time of June 2009, the picture was something different as shown below.

   I still remember the Q1 of 2009 (the first quarter of 2009), I was in the 3rd year of my degree course of Computer Studies at PICT, all of my friends and everyone in the college was crazy about Orkut. They used to sit for long hours in days and nights in front of their boxes playing those fancy games made into Flash.They used to sit long just for the desire of breaking the records of the games which determined the typing speeds, the games which enabled them slap their friend in their network. The world seemed to stay within the then Social Network, Orkut.

The time changed and things tend to get worse for Orkut, people began to hang out on a new Social Network which spawned in the name 'FACEBOOK'.It started to burgeon out rapidly in INDIA. People began getting addicted to this new mania. Orkut seemed to begin becoming history. I still remember those 'Likes' and 'LOL's people used in their usual gossips too. And now theres hardly anyone who logs into Orkut, I dont even remember when was it the last time I had logged in into Orkut.

   But the time changes for everything. The time comes for everything to end someday. Today its Facebook, the Social Networking Giant, might be it will be something else tomorrow. Who knows how the time passes along and what is in there destined for all of us.


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