Saturday, December 25, 2010

When and How to innovate.?

Just yesterday I had an Alumni meet at my college PICT. I felt really great to be there once again in my college after so many days...There were not too many people for the meet, but then I got to meet some people whom I had met in just first year of my Engineering. There were people who had passed out from PICT in 1988 to the students like me who have passed out just in 2010.

Few of the great people I got to meet there, were Tarun Sharma, CEO of BMC Software. He is also an alumni of PICT, who was invited as the chief guest for the meeting. I wonder how great it must be feeling when you are invited in your own college as a chief guest.

Besides, there were some other great people who visited the college for the meet were, my apologies for being not able to recall their names, some Architect from Intel Corporation, some Security Manager from Symantec, some from IBM ISL, some elderly people from Oracle Corporation and many more.

    I was impressed by Tarun Sharma, the way he begun with his speech.
He said that the most important thing he would like to tell us all is,
‎"Imagine, Aspire, the early ages of order to become a great Entrepreneur, Engineer or a Developer tomorrow."

    No doubt, his words were transparently true. His words were more directed towards the students of PICT. He supported his words with the renowned examples for Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook, search giant Google, Yahoo. He said "All these things were born in the colleges itself. So always have a vision and work towards its achievement, because once the college life is over, there is very little time we get to put into these things."

Disclaimer: Just wanted to spread above great words to my fellow PICTians. I may not have been able to exactly reproduce the words of Mr. Tarun Sharma, so my apologies, upfront.

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