Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dell service/support in India is awesome.

Hello all, the cyber organisms. I am here with a very good news as well as a bad news for all the Dell product users. I had just bought my Dell Inspiron 1440  in Feb last year.

  Since many days I have been facing a problem of slowly running laptop. I was totally annoyed with it. Recently I discovered that my hard drive had got some bad sectors. I was surprised to see it because my usage of laptop is very good. I never let it run for a night long, neither do I use it roughly. But then I had found that this had happened to my laptop. I was worried about taking back-up of all my important data onto DVDs and friends PCs.

   And then I directly called up Dell Customer Care on 18004254051(toll free) yelled at them "how did my laptop face such a serious problem within an year of purchase and I have already faced a battery problem earlier". They just calmed me down, took down the error code that I got while carrying out a memory test in BIOS and took down my address. Then within 2 hours I got another call from Dell for taking my appointment to get the hard drive replaced. In the evening I got another call for confirmation of my address. I was told that the Dell Engineer will come the other morning at 11.

     I just spent the whole night taking backup of my important data. The Dell Engineer showed up in the morning sharp at 11 am and I got the faulty Western Digital hard drive replaced with a brand new Toshiba.

So in all, I would like to appreciate the support and service that Dell provided me for the defects I have faced with the battery and the hard disk within 24 hours.

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