Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nokia C6 did not stand to the expectations of its users

      Hello folks, I have recently noticed that Nokia C6 did not perform well in some of the aspects like battery, OS stability. The stability of the Operating System of any device is a concern of utmost importance. If the OS of the mobile is not stable, I just dont understand how do these vendors sell such devices.

1. It was around a couple of weeks before that my mobile had suddenly restarted for no reason and without expectation. When it settled, I found that I have lost all my messages that I had stored in the memory card.
Thank GOD, I did not have any important data in the message inbox of my mobile.
After this mishap occurred, I have started storing all my messages in the phone memory. Lets hope that safe now.

2. Another anomaly I noticed with Nokia C6, was its battery. Earlier when I used to charge the battery completely it used to run the mobile for more than 2 days. Now I have noticed that when I charge the mobile, the battery drains off within 1.5 day. 

Fully charged battery at night.

Battery drained one-level just in 8 hours of stand-by
 The above incident is really ridiculous. Something that used to take about a day to happen, is happening in just 8 hours. This simply means that the performance of the battery has degraded.

So I suggest that DONT GO FOR NOKIA C6, rather go for some Android Device. The Android Operating System is fairly stable and has very little to no issues.

So I want to ask Nokia, if this is something they wanted to sell to their people, who always trusted them and that too at such an alarming time of Mobile OS wars.


  1. heard that they called back all the mobiles and rectified the errors from the january production..

    btw does it support video flash? i.e. flash turning on when the video is on..

    and does it support office 2007 files eg. xlsx, docx etc..

  2. Hi Jay, so how's the current status of your C6? Any new issues/problems? Any old ones that have been sorted out?

  3. Its working ok these days...

    I found the work around for the battery issue.
    Use some older charger to charge the mobile, the battery will work fine.

  4. Hi!, I'm searching for a new mobile phone, i'm interested in the C6-00, 'cause i think that the qwerty keyboard is a really advantage. Do you know another cellphone with similars specifications?. What do you recommend to me?, Will i Buy the C6 or I have to Look for another mobile?. (Sry if i made some mistake, I'm not very good writing in English).

  5. Hi Furan...

    Actually with the price range of 13,000 Rs. C6 is the only phone that comes with the QWERTY keyboard. If QWERTY is your primary requirement, then I think you should go with C6.

    Otherwise Android touch screen mobiles are also great.

    And one more thing, I have found out a work around for Nokia C6 battery problem. I use Nokia charger of some low end device to charge my Nokia C6 and the battery problem is resolved.

    Thanks for commenting & keep visiting.

  6. Hi, Thanks for your fast reply Jay...

    And about the software, Did you cellphone reset again?, or Did it have another problems, It hangs now?. Sorry for the questions, but it isn't a really cheap phone... and i want to make the correct buy. Thanks for All!!!!

  7. hey no problem buddy,,,! Asking questions is all right.

    I blog here coz I like to help people with problems...!

    Nop. None of the problems with C6 persist anymore. All of them automatically got sorted out. Yeah I agree that its a very cheap mobile phone. I am soon going to start writing web based mobile applications and I think for the same I will buy some Android Device by June.

  8. hey Jay, i'm also using this device but man; the battery life sucks more than anything. anything i tell you. my phone doesn't even last for half a day. using the charger from an older device worked for you? my phone "never" ran for more than 10 hours without it beeping low battery. i've been using heavy internet on it, but my earlier Nokia e71 atleast used to last a whole day. i use apps which requires auto updates every two minutes but my e71 never let me down after charging overnight. help with the battery issue?

    i may not get back to your website unless i get notified. so i'd appreciate receiving a notification at

    so that i can see your reply

  9. I have used Nokia C6 and I think Nokia's days of Innovation are over. Recently I have bought Samsung Galaxy Ace and it is far ahead from what is see in Nokia's devices.

  10. I hv nokia C6,somewhat 5-6 months old.
    I am facing many many problems ranging from hanging, auto restart to net disconnect problem.
    There is any way, by which i can change my phone???

  11. no man, theres no way u can get it changed. One thing u can do is goto Nokia Care center and yell at those people all at once.

    Show that u are not satisfied with it and ask to get it replaced with a new one.

    Mine is a year old now, I dont use it much. I have Samsung Galaxy Ace now.

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