Sunday, January 2, 2011

Technology predictions for 2011

       So once again we come back to our tech talks on the4thdimension. With the arrival of new year, there are a lots of talks going on in the market about business trends in 2011, economical ups and downs that will occur in 2011 etc. but as you all know, my taste lies in the Trends in technological advancements in 2011. I just came across these discussions about the ups and downs and new arrivals in technology in 2011.

   Here are some key issues that need to be addressed while considering the technological prediction for 2011.

1. Mobile Computing : With the advent of high speed networks like 3G and 4G, there will be a boo of web usage on the mobile devices. In India around 40% of the internet users use mobile devices to surf the web, hang out on social networks and e-mail access. With the release of Google's free and open source mobile operating system Android, the world will see the face of day-to-day life into mobile phones. Mobile payments, video calling, sophisticated apps to use on mobile phones have made the life comfortable. Many big players like Samsung, HTC, Motorola and beginners like Intex and Micromax Informatics, India have already climbed up the Android bandwagon. This wild-fire that has been set up by Android and iPhone will continue to rise in 2011. The mobile phones are the future of computing.

2. Cloud Computing : Referring back to what has already been mentioned, 3G and 4G networks have facilitated high bandwidths for individual users. For advanced internet users, half of the time of the day is spent online, people are shopping from their personal computing devices, GPRS seems to have gone. Cloud based services like Gmail, DropBox have become emergent, concepts like PaaS and SaaS have evolved. Network based PCs like Google's Cr-48 has got momentum in research. 2011 will add fuel to the fire, giving rise to competition in network based application and computing.

3. Concurrent Programming : I did not see that wildfire for concurrent computing has been set up in the arena yet. As far as I have researched the technology using internet, technical news and articles etc, I believe 2011 will trigger an era of Concurrent Applications to be developed. I can support my view for this by stating two things.
 Supposedly by the end of 2011, processors with more than 4 Cores will begin to ship out. The computing work assigned to the CPU will prove to be far less than the computing capabilities of the CPU. The computing paradigm will change its face.

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