Thursday, February 10, 2011

How a simple C program works

Hey reader, long time no C...! So lets start this time with C. I mean lets start this discussion with a simple C program.

    I just had been too busy with the work to find time to get up on the blog to have few words for you people. You know I am an addictive internet stumbler. I always am exploring new directions and dimensions on the WEB. Thats kinda how I found the4thdimension.

     So anyway, I just wanted to share something good that I found few days back while I was stumbling the internet.

Its nothing big but a pictorial explanation of how does a simple C program work.

    And to the gain of knowledge of everyone, almost every language that is compiled (and not interpreted like HTML, XML etc) works in the similar way as shown in the above image.

    I guess this much is fine for now. Will meet again, keep visiting.

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