Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nokia to kill Symbian and move to Windows for its mobile phones

Nokia windows mobile
   Voila, one of the biggest booms of the market today, Nokia, is about to ditch its own mobile operating system, Symbain. In a conference headed by the CEO of Nokia and Microsoft revealed that Nokia is going to make Windows as its primary mobile operating system. Nokia will gradually phase out its well known and well accepted operating system Symbian and adopt windows as its primary mobile operating system. This will not only help Microsoft to prosper in a better way in the mobile market but also will help Nokia to compete its rivals Google and Apple.

      As per Gartner's prediction shown in the above statistics, Symbian was expected to be one of the strongest players in the mobile market.

Nokia Windows mobile concept

So what about Meego now...?
  Meego, a joint mobile operating system project by maemo from Nokia and moblin from Intel, will become an open source mobile operating system project. Nokia meant to make Meego as its primary operating system which was supposed to be competing with Android and iOS. Now this intention of Nokia seems to be a dream far off from realization.

What about QT...?
 Sorry for Qt Developers, but as like Symbian, Qt will also be phased out with time.

What will be consequences...?
 As a consequence of this deal between Nokia and Microsoft.
  • Microsoft's search engine Bing will be placed on the home screen of the Nokia windows mobile devices. This will give momentum to Microsoft's search services and products and advertisement revenue.
  • Nokia's content and application store will be integrated with Microsoft marketplace for a more compelling consumer experience.

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