Sunday, March 20, 2011

Joli OS, another addition to the bucket of Cloud Based Operating Systems

   Hello all, as you all know(or at least I think) that I am one of the biggest information miner on the internet, I keep on stumbling upon on the websites which make me more and more information crazy.
    Recently I came to know about another Cloud Based Operating System, Joli OS, the earlier one being Google's Chrome OS. I suddenly wiki it and found it to be interesting. So in this blog post I will walk you through what is Joli OS, Cloud Based Operating System and how they are beneficial to developers.

What is a Cloud?
   A Cloud is a powerful remote computer(server) unknown to a user where it is situated and the data is securely stored on it.

What is Cloud Based Operating System?
   A Cloud Based Operating System is an operating system which runs in an environment like that of a web browser and all the data stays on the cloud. These operating systems have been developed for people who spend almost all their time on the Internet. It runs the web applications and all the user data is processed using the web applications. There are many potential web applications in use daily, for e.g. Gmail, Google Maps etc are all the web applications that run in the cloud based operating system.

   So getting back to Joli OS, I must tell that it is the Linux Based operating system with one of the best user interfaces I have ever seen. The snapshot is as shown below

App Launcher
      Joli OS provides a good integrations with utilities like DropBox, VLC Player, Skype etc. One prominent thing I like about Joli OS is that, besides providing support to the user installed apps and software, it also provides access to the files stored on the local machine. Theres a lot for Joli OS, if u intend to try one, visit

Whats in there for Developers?
    Ahhh... at last the question comes in. As far as I understand, there is software revenue for developers.

Instant App Creation Wizard

    You can develop a web application using software-as-a-service model or platform-as-a-service model or freemium pricing model for selling software.



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