Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One look at BlackBerry App Development

Recently I happened to take a look at BlackBerry mobile operating system while I started developing some applications for my day job.

   And to the astonishment of myself, I discovered that it is a fabulous operating system. I just wonder why has it not attracted the developers' attention as yet. Some of the key features that I would like to enlist here are:

  1. Great documentation with embedded code samples.
  2. Pretty good device emulators and enough of them.
  3. BlackBerry OS 6.0 exhibits Webkit based advanced browser.
  4. Extensive API to do almost everything.
  5. Free App Developer registration.
  6. Monetization through ads.
  7. App Developer gets paid in Paypal account(which is a great feature over Android Market, where app selling is not allowed in lot many countries.)
     Also, as now I have got into BlackBerry, I was curious to know where are they heading these days. BlackBerry OS 7 is currently in Beta and it is also one of the good and promising mobile OS(I dont say that it will take over iOS or Android, but definitely RIM can breath with this OS flavor in the market for a while.)

 One of the great things with BlackBerry now, is that they provide Webkit based advanced browser, which greatly supports mobile app development frameworks like JQueryMobile and Sencha Touch. Again this is great opportunity for Cross-platform or Hybrid App developers.
    I dont know to what extent BlackBerry will attract developers, but looking at OS 7, better documentation, better and alive official forum (as opposed to Nokia's) and support of Standards based web browser will definitely play good for their recent future.


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