Thursday, October 20, 2011

HTML5 Support in Android 4.0

Hello Android folks and mobile freaks, just about a day before I came to know that Google has shipped out its long watched Android 4.0 aka Ice-Cream Sandwich operating system for mobiles as well as tablet devices.

     Thought it would be great to take a ride on Android 4.0 browser & test out its support for HTML5. Just fired up some code and found out that there are some good improvements in 4.0 browser.


Javascript APIs

Input attributes

Input types


Sorry for posting the snaps directly this way, but had been busy with work, anyways, the purpose is conveyed. Feel free to share the article as well as above snaps.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Using Google Docs as database in cloud

Hello all,

 sorry for long awaiting, just had been busy with work, as usual.

For sometime back, I was looking for something using which I can control the data on client applications. I could definitely host a server for this and it could get me the work done, but that was not what I wanted.

   I wanted to achieve this without hosting a server, I thought, why not use Google Docs as a database and get done what I want.

In the sample project that I have created for you people, I have used Google Docs as simply a READ_ONLY database, I did not explore into how to use it on READ_WRITE mode. So this is the limitation you people are going to face.

  Now all I have to do is just change the data on the spreadsheet in google docs and my client application gets the updated data in a while. But please note that, this takes some time for data to appear on the client, for me it once took entire one day.

Heres the download link for the sample project, which is hosted on Google Code website.


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