Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What is special about Node.js?

   I am not a Node.js programmer, but an aspirant to give it a try and try to do some real time stuff. Few days back, I came across this link on wired Theres are lots of things given in that link, but I have copied the best lines which I think is the best summations about Node.js

       Node is the successor to Ruby on Rails, the programming framework that made it big when Twitter made it big. “First there was C, which Amazon was written in,” he told us this past spring. “Then there was Perl, and Craigslist was written in Perl. Then there was PHP and Facebook, and then Rails and Twitter. With each of these things, they solved a lot of hard problems, but then new problems arrived. Node solves the next set of hard problems, the problems that come with all this real-time stuff.”

I have been a great fan of real-time things. Also I was amazed when I saw Google doing real time analytics at Google Analytics. Since then, I am just tapping my feet to get Nodejs running of my laptop and have a taste of it. Hope the above paragraph was useful to you.

See you again soon.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Comman line error in BlackBerry app development

Hello all, not much to share with you all, but some serious but silly problem that bugged me for a while. I was trying to create a simple BlackBerry project, HelloWorld and I faced with an error when I started running the project.

Command Line Error - BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator
Unknown option: World
Try "fledge /help" for command line help.

Later I found the solution on Google.

Just remove any spaces from your project name. Thats it.

This is a silly thing that RIM allowed to pass in into BlackBerry JDE plugin.
anyways, see you soon with some new stuff.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Growing your contact network on IntouchId

Hi folks, its been a great time to see ya all.

  Today I am going to talk on something really different. Its not technology, its not programming, its not some kinda break through that I have done. But its about a small innovation, which I believe should grow out and become a de-facto standard of sharing contact information between people.

   Image even in the world of Quad Core smart phones and tablets, we still exchange contact information like an idiot. One guy asks the other for his/her cell no. then the first one types and missed calls the other one and then they save the numbers, that too in a static manner. Tomorrow either of these guys looses the number and they again exchange the contact information in the same static way.

     I mean, common man, we are all living in 2012. Here phones are smarter, TVs are smarter, even Web is smart enough to work, even in the situations of absence of Internet connectivity.

ok, so what exactly is this magic, I am going to talk about. Its the magic.

What is IntouchId?

IntouchId is a great way to share contact information and stay intouch with people forever.
No matter how many cell phone devices you change, no matter if your phone contacts are lost or entire phone is lost.

   And at the top of all, its not only about phone nos. Its about
1. Emails
2. Addresses
3. Contact Notes

They have mobile apps for almost all types of mobiles, Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, J2ME and Nokia's Symbian. In addition to this, they also have browser plugins to view your contact information from within the browser.

Beside, IntouchId also creates event pages which help you connect with people you meet at different events and share contact information with them.

Hope you have got an idea of what exactly IntouchId is. If you have any questions, feel free to throw them up in the comments.


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