Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What is special about Node.js?

   I am not a Node.js programmer, but an aspirant to give it a try and try to do some real time stuff. Few days back, I came across this link on wired Theres are lots of things given in that link, but I have copied the best lines which I think is the best summations about Node.js

       Node is the successor to Ruby on Rails, the programming framework that made it big when Twitter made it big. “First there was C, which Amazon was written in,” he told us this past spring. “Then there was Perl, and Craigslist was written in Perl. Then there was PHP and Facebook, and then Rails and Twitter. With each of these things, they solved a lot of hard problems, but then new problems arrived. Node solves the next set of hard problems, the problems that come with all this real-time stuff.”

I have been a great fan of real-time things. Also I was amazed when I saw Google doing real time analytics at Google Analytics. Since then, I am just tapping my feet to get Nodejs running of my laptop and have a taste of it. Hope the above paragraph was useful to you.

See you again soon.

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