Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some useful IntouchIds

   Few days back my boss dropped me an email. I dont remember what was it all about, but at the lower half,
I found a list of some useful IntouchIds. Just wanted to share them with all of my followers.
Click the link and add them to your contacts right away. :)

See you soon with some technical talk.
  1. Pune Airport*IN.AIRPORT.PNQ
  2. MSEB Pune
  3. BSNL Pune
  4. Pune Traffic Police
  5. Rickshaw Complaint (Pune RTO)
  6. TastyKhana: Food delivery service in Pune
  7. AyAuto: Dial auto rickshaw in Pune*IN.PN.GO.AYAUTO
  8. Autowale: Dial auto rickshaw in Pune
  9. Millenium National School, Pune
  10. LingerOn cafe: Baner Road, Pune


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